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The New Season is off to a great start: 2013, here we come!

Well, another year, another season! I know it’s going to be a great one, because something happened to me on January 2nd. I was at Home Depot buying some materials for a home project and was just about to lash some 4 x 8 sheets to the roof of my small car when a guy with a truck volunteered to drop the stuff off at my house. He had recognized me as the director of QCT and is a relatively new season ticket holder. He was excited to hear about the new season and had just renewed his season tickets. It was a great omen for the New Year.

Our season opener, Theatre Café, enjoyed three sold-out performances. If you’re unfamiliar with Theatre Café, it is a series of short comedic scenes that are a bit outlandish, and adult-themed. It takes place in our Lab Theatre  and we allowed the patrons to bring in food and drink to augment the evening. This is one of our initiatives to offer some more challenging material for our community without offending our more conservative patrons. It was a very successful run and was sponsored by McNay Truck Line and TNT Action Sports.

We’re getting ready to open our first Student Theatre production of the regional premiere of Wanda’s World, sponsored by WGEM, a fresh new musical written by one of my good friends Eric Weinberger. Over 30 kids are on stage, not to mention the crew and orchestra. I hope you all have the opportunity to see this wonderful production, staged by our talented Student Theatre/Education Director Brandon Thomsen, with vocal direction by Jillian Miller, choreography by Mindy Holthaus, and conducted by Gail Tenhouse. Angela Ketteman is the stage manager. Some great diversity and anti-bulling messages wrapped in a fabulously fun production with great songs. Performances are Jan. 31- Feb. 3.

We also just finished our first auditions for the main stage series—GODSPELL by Stephan Schwartz, creator of Pippen and Wicked. GODSPELL is sponsored by Blessing Health System and The Quincy Herald Whig. The cast includes: Brendan Brand as Jesus, Joshua Scott as Judas/John the Baptist, Brittany Daly as Gilmer, Sarah Droege as Robin, Rachel Foster as Peggy, Shawn Jones as Lamar, Josh Kollitz as Herb, Cori Lyssy as Joanne, David Samuels as Jeffrey, and Courtney Stewart as Sonia- a great combination of current members, returning veterans and a couple of newbies. The vocal director is Rebecca Payne, the show is choreographed by Cheryl Kaiser, and the conductor is Mike Saul. Performances are March 7-17.

I hope you will have the opportunity to join us for the 2013 season. We have a great line up, and if our recent casting is any  indication, some fabulous talent will end up on the stage.

Come be a part of our family, whether it’s volunteering to usher, auditioning for a play, or simply, being an audience member. You are always welcome!

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