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Theatre Cafe, Freedom of Expression


Friday, January 13, 2012

Theatre Cafe and Freedom of Expression

I got an interesting call from a season ticket holder this morning regarding our Theatre Cafe, which is a series of short comedic plays, with strong language and adult situations, which we are stating is for “Mature Audiences” only. You see the reason behind doing this (besides helping to raise funds for three separate arts organizations) was to give our members a chance to stretch their artistic wings a bit. In order to satisfy our average season ticket holder, we do need to be a bit conservative in our choices for the main stage. But every once in a while, we need to challenge ourselves…as artists, as patrons, as human beings.
She was upset that we were doing something like this, and thought that the police should be on hand in case it gets out of control (it is a BYOB event). The sad part of this conversation was that this patron was informed by a friend who heard a radio interview and was disappointed that we were doing this. First off, how can someone complain about something they don’t know anything about? All of her information was second hand. Secondly, the patron stated “us doing this show would jeopardize our area public TV station, and if someone bought tickets to Theatre Cafe, our station would close down!” How Bizarre! I don’t see the connection, especially since a number of the patrons attending this event are the types that donate to causes like public broadcasting. She also mentioned that the head of the QNSFA Society was a menace and was bringing America down. How absurd, that someone who assists people to express themselves in a wonderful country like America, which was based on personal freedoms is bad for our country! One of the beautiful things about America is that if you don’t want to come to a play…don’t come! But if you do want to lose some the Sugary side effects of the holiday season, stop by with a beverage of your choice, spend a few hours with us and laugh a little bit. Laughter is good for the soul. So is compassion and understanding.

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