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My First Musical @ QCT

Well, last week Joseph…opened. My first direction of a musical here at QCT. We had spectacular crowds, a wonderful opening party and superlative words for the production were heard by regulars and newbies alike. I recently received a card from a long-time subscriber who said “Awesome, great, fabulous, incredible, delightful etc…Jospeh…is at the top of all QCT musicals I have seen!”

What more could a director ask for?

What I want to comment on is the professionalism of all involved. We are indeed a community theatre, where we depend on volunteers to help build the set, usher for performances, serve as running crew back stage and act upon our stage.

Yet, coming from the professional world, I can’t tell the difference. We have an incredibly talented pool to draw from, as is seen by not only the leads in this production, but in every role, including our talented “kid Chorus.”

One of the joys of working here is our staff. Everyone involved does such a great job, it makes me look good.

So to everyone, from the actors who rehearsed 20 hours a week for 6 weeks, to the production team that created such fantastic work to every audience member that helps to keep the arts alive in Quincy, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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