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Boeing Boeing Cast!

Well, I’ve cast my first production here at QCT. The play is Boeing Boeing- a classic French farce by Marc Camoletti translated by Beverley Cross. The cast is as follows: Bernard-Bill Twaddle, Robert-Greg Ellery, Bertha-Vicki Dempsey, Jacqueline-Emily Jones, Janet-Bobette Cawthon, Judith-Amethyst Zelle. It is listed in the Guinness World book of records as the most produced French play in history!

It’s about a French Lothario, Bernard a successful Parisian architect juggling three-that’s right-THREE- fiances. All of them are “Air Hostesses” as they were called back then ( 1960). He tracks their timetables and with the assistance of his long suffering housekeeper Bertha, they change decor and menus.

An old school chum, Robert arrives, and Bernard proudly explains his system for romance. However, a faster jet arrives, throwing this timetable out of kilter, weather helps to complicate the plot and Bernard, Robert and Bertha have a hard time keeping everything straight. I won’t tell you how it ends, suffice to say it all works out in the end. You’ll just have to come see it.

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous, not knowing the caliber of performers the Quincy area produces. Having come from the professional world, where we get the full range from genius to awful, I was hoping we would Vere towards the former! The day before the auditions we only had one guy, so we had a phone campaign to recruit actors to audition. Fortunately, we had a great turnout, and it was sad to turn down so many wonderful actors. I’m looking forward to the first rehearsal next week.

Don’t forget about ordering your tickets for The Drowsy Chaperone. Tickets go on sale this coming Monday (March 7).

See you at the Theatre!

Lenny Bart

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