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Gift Certificates

Are you looking for a great gift for your family, friends, or neighbors? Gift Certificates to Quincy Community Theatre are the perfect fit for any age. They also make thoughtful gifts for employees, customers, co-workers— even vendors!

You can put enough on them for a particular show, a class, or even Season Tickets. It’s completely up to you.


How to Buy

Gift Certificates are available online, over the phone, or at the QCT Box Office during normal business hours (Monday thru Friday, 10 AM-5 PM). Gift certificates have a $10 minimum balance, but can come in any amount after that point.

When purchasing, you will need the name, address, and email address for the gift certificate recipient.

If purchased online, the gift certificate recipient will be notified immediately. If you wish to keep your purchase secret, please purchase your gift card in-person or at the QCT Box Office.