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Donate to Quincy Community Theatre

You’re here because you’ve experienced the power of theatre first-hand.

Maybe you and your spouse have made our shows a date night tradition for years. Maybe you have a child who became a more outgoing, well-rounded person in our education program. Or maybe you’ve found yourself part of a new, theatrical family after being in one of our shows.

Whatever the reason, we know that the theatre is important to you. Whether you donate $5 or $5,000 today, your support will keep your community theatre strong—for you, for your community, and for generations to come.


Designate Your Gift

Ensure that your gift does the most good. Learn more about QCT’s needs and how you can benefit the programming that means the most to you.


Your donation could keep our lights shining bright–literally! Gifts to our general operating fund go to QCT’s most pressing needs. The next time you’re in the theatre, look around. The electricity, the costumes, the set, the royalties for producing our shows–they’re all covered because of you!


Involvement in theatre can boost test scores, boost self-esteem, lower dropout rates, and more. So shouldn’t every child have access to theatre classes?

Your donation could help a child in our community take life-changing classes that will prepare them for school, the stage, everyday life, and the workforce.


Curtains, light boards, sound boards, lighting instruments, sewing machines, power tools–it takes a lot to run a theatre! Monies donated here help us cover important repairs and upgrades at the theatre. Invest in the theatre’s future and help QCT remain a state-of-the-art facility now and always with a donation to our endowment fund.

Contact Us

If you experience difficulty making your gift online, please consider making your gift:

  • By Phone: Please call the QCT Box Office at 217-222-3209
  • By Mail: Please mail your check to Quincy Community Theatre | 300 Civic Center Plaza, Ste. 118 | Quincy, IL 62301

If you have questions about donations, Executive Director Dan Conboy is happy to help. You can reach him at 217-222-3209 ext. 102 or