(217) 222-3209

QCT Staff

Sara Reuschel

Executive Director

Email: sara.reuschel@1qct.org
Extension: 102

Brandon Thomsen

Artistic Director

Email: brandon.thomsen@1qct.org
Extension: 103

Lorne Kelley

Technical Director

Email: lorne.kelley@1qct.org
Extension: 106

Shari Mulch

Office Manager

Email: shari.mulch@1qct.org
Extension: 100

Rachael Kennedy

Graphic Designer

Email: rachael.kennedy@1qct.org
Extension: 101

Tressa Johnston

Marketing/Volunteer Coordinator

Email: tressa.johnston@1qct.org
Extension: 107

Danny White

Assistant Technical Director

Email: danny.white@1qct.org
Extension: 106

Susan Scholz

Costume Coordinator

Email: susan.scholz@1qct.org
Extension: 105

2019 Board of Directors

Nora Baldner-Schnack, President
Jason Keller, Vice President
Cindy Crist, Secretary
Carlos Fernandez, Treasurer
Sue Allen, Brian Durante, David Samuels, Julie Schuetz, Scott Walden

If you would like to reach one of our Board Members, please leave a message with the Box Office Staff (217-222-3209) and we’ll have them return your call.