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QCT Staff

Dan Conboy

Dan Conboy

Executive Director

Email: director@1qct.org
Extension: 102

BrandonThomsen (2014)

Brandon Thomsen

Artistic Director

Email: artisticdirector@1qct.org
Extension: 103

STAFF Kelsey Celek

Kelsey Celek

Director of Student Theatre
Head of Education

Email: education@1qct.org
Extension: 108

Shari Mulch

Shari Mulch

Office Manager

Email: qct@1qct.org
Extension: 100

Kelsey Pigg

Kelsey Pigg

Production Manager

Email: production@1qct.org
Extension: 101

Janae Lafleur

Costume Designer

Email: costumes@1qct.org
Extension: 105

Danny White

Assistant Technical Director

Email: techassistant@1qct.org
Extension: 106

2017 Board of Directors

Scott Walden, President
Nora Baldner-Schnack, Vice President
Kurt Schmiedeskamp, Secretary
Carlos Fernandez, Treasurer
Cindy Crist, Laura Gerdes Ehrhart, Julie Regner, Susan Scholz

If you would like to reach one of our Board Members, please leave a message with the Box Office Staff (217-222-3209) and we’ll have them return your call.