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Classes and Workshops

Students – children and adults alike – come through our doors with their own reasons for attending an acting class. Some want to enhance their acting training and technique, some want to gain confidence in their skills, some want to meet people with similar interests, some just want to try something new.

No matter the reason, students of all ages and experience levels are welcome at QCT. Here they will find classes taught by trained theatre professionals, as well as a safe space to explore and deepen their understanding of the performing arts.

Grades K-2


The Stinky Cheese Man

Wednesdays: Feb 22-April 5 | 5 Sessions
5:30-6:30 PM
Instructor: Kelsey Celek

Run, run as fast as you…eww! In this fairly odd acting class, we’ll use our actor tools to explore unusual versions of classic tales to create our own backwards stories.

Tuition: $50 or 12 Punches


Finding Dory

Saturdays: Feb. 25-April 8 | 5 Sessions
10-11 AM
Instructor: Kelsey Celek

Adventure is only an ocean current away! Together, we’ll surf into new stories and adventures using our favorite underwater friends as inspiration.

Tuition: $50 or 12 Punches

Grades 3-5



Wednesdays: Feb. 22-April 5 | 5 Sessions
6:45-7:45 PM
Instructor: Kelsey Celek

Grab your pick and build a diamond performance! Using the tools from our actor inventory, we’ll explore acting and theatre design to create our own magnificent worlds.

Tuition: $50 or 12 Punches

Grades 6-8


Physical Comedy

Thursdays: Feb. 23-April 6 | 5 Sessions
5:30-6:30 PM
Instructor: Kelsey Celek

What’s the secret to a good laugh? Become the king or queen of physical comedy as we discover different movement techniques to help us physicalize the funny!

Tuition: $50 or 12 Punches

Grades 9-12


Scene Study

Thursdays: Feb. 23-April 6 | 6 Sessions
8-9 PM
Instructor: Kelsey Celek

This is the class you’ve been asking for! In six comprehensive sessions, performers will focus on partner work, objectives, tactics, and methods for breaking down a script.

Tuition: $50 or 12 Punches

Adults (Ages 18+)

Interested high school students may apply to adult courses with permission from the instructor.



Thursdays: Feb. 23-April 6 | 6 Sessions
6:45-7:45 PM
Instructor: Kelsey Celek

“YES!!!” Back by popular demand, this class is built to help adults launch into the world of improv. Starting with the basics of improvisation, this electrifying class will keep students on their toes as they create their own short form scenes.

Tuition: $50 or 12 Punches


Basic Sewing

Wednesdays: Jan. 4-18 | 3 Sessions
6-8 PM

Wednesdays: Jan. 25-Feb. 15 | 3 Sessions
6-8 PM

Instructor: Janae Lafleur

Led by our resident designer Janae Lafleur, this class will cover the beginner sewing skills necessary in the theatre world. Tuition covers supplies for each student to make a creation of his/her own!

Class size is limited to eight students. If students have their own sewing machines, they are encouraged to bring them to class.

Tuition: $35*

*Tuition covers supplies; therefore, punches cannot be used for this class.


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