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Costume Rentals

The rental office is open by appointment. 

Please book your appointment at least one week in advance to set up an appointment for your rental. Walk in inquiries will not be accepted. Same day rentals will incur a $10 RUSH fee.

Please bring with you the required measurements for those who need costumes. Photos of what you’re looking for are encouraged.


Unfortunately, we will not be able to book rental appointments the week we open a QCT production. Those dates include:

May 6-10
June 10-15
July 15-19
September 9-13
October 21-15
November 25-29

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Phone: 217-222-3209 ext. 105

Frequently Asked Questions

Costume prices depend on the length of the rental. Short-term rentals up to one week can range from $15-$35 depending on the period and quality of the piece. A costume consists of a whole outfit, or what logically may be worn by one person at one time. Hats and accessories are also available for rental.

A pulling fee of $5 per costume will also be applied to your rental. If the rental is between 10-20 costumes, the pulling fee will be a flat $50. Additional pulling fees may be required if your rental exceeds 20 costumes.

For a complete pricing list of individual pieces email the costume shop at susan.scholz@1qct.org.

You may do alterations or embellishments on rented pieces as long as they are non-damaging and the pieces can be restored to their original condition before they are returned.

Costume pieces may not be dyed and/or painted in any way.

All rented costumes must be returned cleaned or the renter will incur a cleaning fee. Many costume pieces will need to be dry cleaned.

Please discuss the cleaning procedures for each garment at the time of your rental.

Rentals are expected to be returned within two (2) weeks of the rental date, unless otherwise discussed with the rental manager.

If your costumes are not returned on time you will be charged again for the price of the rental. If the costume pieces are returned damaged or are lost, you will incur a replacement fee for the cost of the costume piece.