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At Quincy Community Theatre, our mission is to offer and perpetuate quality theatre entertainment and education in the performing arts through “community” participation. It is therefore our aim to employ qualified theatrical professionals with a love of the arts and a passion for sharing that love with others. Currently, QCT is looking for a(n):

Costume Designer/Costume Shop Manager

STATUS: Full time; Exempt; Benefits

REPORTS TO: Artistic Director



As the Costume Designer, this person is expected to design the costumes for five (5) Main Stage adult productions and four (4) student theatre productions, one of those being a traveling production. As the Costume Shop Manager, this person is expected to oversee the execution of the costumes, hair, makeup and budgets and schedules for all QCT productions. The CD/CSM works with the Artistic Director and the scenic design and construction staff to ensure the Creative Team’s vision is achieved on time and on budget. This may entail the direct supervision of any volunteer or part-time paid personnel in the costume shop, and production related Wardrobe Crews. S/he will closely monitor and support both the rehearsal and performance process and maintain clear and accurate records of both time and money. The annual salary of $24,000 is paid on a twice a month basis and after 90 days, the theatre will pay for medical insurance for the employee and the employee’s family will be eligible for inclusion at the employee’s expense.




  • Work with Designers and Directors to ensure common knowledge of the Theatre’s costume capabilities and limitations.
  • Determine with the production director the feasibility of initial costume designs and communicate production concerns and/or problems.
  • Determine the resources needed for each show and make arrangements for procurement of those resources. This may include building, purchasing, renting, or borrowing whatever is necessary to complete projects.
  • Attend all pre-production concept meetings and production meetings.
  • Work to ensure materials and equipment are on hand and ready for projects to proceed in the costume shop.
  • Keep open communication with administrative and production teams to anticipate design changes that could result in budget/work overruns.
  • Review designs with the production directors, paying special attention to how the costumes affect actor/personnel comfort and safety.
  • Coordinate with Stage Management for all measurements and fittings.
  • Coordinate with Stage Management as to the dressing room assignments and protocols.


Tech Week/Production

  • Ensure all actors have their assigned costumes and that the production director has approved them.
  • Supervise costume protocols for the production including all necessary changes.
  • Prepare dressing rooms by ensuring all costumes are loaded-in, labeled, and rooms are clean and hygienic.
  • Ensure that the costumes, wigs, and make-up are maintained during the run of each show.


Budget Supervisory Duties

  • Maintain clear financial records of show-by-show expenses and ensure that expenses are prudent and economical.
  • Closely work with Designers to ensure that no line budget item is changed or exceeded without prior approval of the Executive Director.
  • Supervise the budget and hiring of extra labor in the Costume Shop.
  • Follow the established production purchasing procedures.


Personnel Supervisory Duties

  • Maintain a positive attitude of leadership.
  • Keep track of all events, meetings, activities, and scheduling to ensure an informed Costume Shop staff.
  • Supervise any volunteers and interns assigned to the Costume department.
  • Coordinate detailed work schedules for interaction between departments.
  • Keep the Artistic Director and the Executive Director informed of any department personnel problems.
  • Strive to maintain pleasant work attitudes in all costume, hair and make-up areas.
  • See that the proper chains of communication are being followed.


Equipment Supervisory Duties

  • Ensure maintenance of equipment and proper inventories of the Costume Shop and approve same.
  • Supervise the use of costume shop and dressing room space by all technical departments.
  • Be aware of improvements and/or equipment needs and bring them to the attention of the Artistic Director and the Executive Director.



  • Accept and take direction from the Artistic Director and for student productions, the Education Director.
  • Perform other duties as required
  • Adhere to all Quincy Community Theatre operating procedures to include safety and security
  • Assist when appropriate in special programming and events.


Experience, Abilities, Skills Required

  • Excellent leadership and personnel management
  • Industry knowledge of costume design for theatrical productions.
  • Industry knowledge of costume construction including but not limited to drafting, pattern making, draping, sewing, millinery, crafts, jewelry making and tailoring.
  • Relevant experience in a professional costume shop
  • Budget management experience
  • General office skills, including PC/Microsoft proficiency


If interested, please submit a résumé, references, and examples of previous work  to Executive Director Dan Conboy at director@1qct.org or:

ATTN: Dan Conboy, Executive Director
Quincy Community Theatre
300 Civic Center Plaza, Ste. 118
Quincy, IL 62301