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If you are reading this expecting a poignant, inspirational, maybe even sappy testimonial of the value of community…come back in November. That seems to be my poignant, inspirational, and sappy time of the year. It is 2015! Happy New Year, everyone! This is the time…

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Ode to a Score

  ‘Twas April 1989 when Quincy Community Little Theatre joined forces with the Civic Center Authority to pursue funding for a Civic Center/Theatre Complex. Quincy Community Little Theatre agreed to raise 1.25 million dollars for the project. By May 1991 $560,000 had been raised and…

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A floor talks

To some, the stage floor looks sad about what it had been a part of the last 6 weeks. The set has been dismantled; the spike tape ripped off to reveal the previous show’s paint. The pit cover too, not a part of the most…

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It’s the write thing

We all have memories of Christmas’ past.  Some were “yell out loud” joyous; some just intimate and peaceful.  We remembered the giving and the gifts, being around loved ones and helping those less fortunate than ourselves. Many of our traditions are only as old as…

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The C Word

Sometimes we may think that serving on some Theatre Committees is the “cleaning of the toilets” of volunteerism. Ok, I suppose having to actually clean the theatre toilets is the “cleaning of the toilets” of volunteerism. Was that an analogy, a metaphor, or a simile?…

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Word dancing.

A few years ago, well maybe longer than that, I was the stage manager for QCT’s production of Annie. The tradition back then was that the stage manager was responsible for preparing a block on the back stage wall so that everyone involved in the…

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Cratchit if you can

The air is cool and crisp. The leaves are turning bright and not so bright colors. Coffee houses are making a killing on pumpkin spiced concoctions. You know what time of year it is, right? That’s right, it’s Cratchit time; the time when all thoughts…

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Talkin’ back

Phraseology is fascinating!  As an example, for me the term “Talk Back” has historically been a part of some kind of parental admonishment.  ”Don’t talk back to me, young man.”  The admonishment became so popular that a new noun evolved, “Backtalk”. (Gee, I hope that…

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Turn the page.

On July 1st, 2014 I began as Quincy Community Theatre’s first Executive Director and Brandon Thomsen was named its first full time Artistic Director.  In some respects this is a dramatic change in the operation of this wonderful theatre; in some respects it is merely…

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The New Season is off to a great start: 2013, here we come!

Well, another year, another season! I know it’s going to be a great one, because something happened to me on January 2nd. I was at Home Depot buying some materials for a home project and was just about to lash some 4 x 8 sheets…

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